CJN/Judiciary: Facts of the matter



The elections are days away. The supreme court will be crucial. The supreme court panel to be constituted to hear the presidential election petition can decide the election regardless of what the electorate does at the polls

That panel is scheduled to be constituted today.

The CJN was to constitute the panel. The CJN evidently is a shady character. We have now heard that the supreme court is generally filthy. So the character of that panel can be determined by who constitutes it.

Suspicions seize nervous politicians.

Now follow me.

There is a massive gang up against Buhari. The champions of this gang want him out at all costs. They are not ready to allow the Nigerian electorate decide. The ruling party feels the slippery CJN is part of this gang.

So the government decides to go against the CJN to stop a fait accompli at the supreme court. Every shady character will have many long skeletons buried in their ward robe. So they govt excavates the ward robe of the CJN. It doesnt have to dig. It has always known what and where they were buried.

The government has to hurry. Time is against it. It believes that with what it has exhumed the CJN will resign in shame. But not this CJN.

The CJN stares at the govt defiantly

The government has to hurry. The NJC is the proper route. But the NJC is in the hands of the CJN and can not be trusted entirely.

So the government choses the CCT through the CCB. That is a route whose gears it can pull. The CCB is jerked into gear 5.

The CJN egged on by politicians from the opposition and the self acclaimed save Nigeria gang digs in. And starts conjuring and fetching all shades of black market judicial orders to truncate the process at the CCT. The courts all act with suspicious haste and leaves no one in doubt that either the CJN is pulling hard at the strings or judicial solidarity has taken over impartiality

Then the Obasanjo letter.

Time is against the govt. It asks the CJN pointedly to resign. The CJN ignores the advice.

The CJN cancels a scheduled NJC meeting . He wants to quickly constitute the presidential election panel before meeting the NJC. The govt fears for the worst and takes off its gloves.

The court of appeal has stalled the CCT. Everybody is frantic. So the coast is clear for the CJN and the gang to constitute the panel.

The public watches, bemused.

The opposition celebrates the manoeuvres by the disgraced CJN.

The president is in jeopardy. He makes his move.

He suspends the CJN. An order to suspend the CJN is brandished. It is from the CCT . The president is happy to obey that questionable order. The CJN is stopped close to the finishing line.

The Opposition and the gang go berserk. The NBA swears it will shut the courts. The NBA president is being tried for corruption. He lacks moral authority.

An acting CJN is sworn in. The president’s language 1984ish. He leaves no one in doubt that subsequently it will be bare knuckles. He is totally politically awake now.

The drama becomes feverish.

Cries are heard. Meetings are summoned.

The opposition suspends its presidential campaigns.

It’s high stakes politics .

But it looks like something is about to give. And the country may just find its dance rhythm.

Ugo Egbujo

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