Nigerians react to FG/CJN Saga


Lagos lawyer , Jiti Ogunye :

If an ordinary Nigerian forgets to declare his assets, the same judiciary will cast him into kirikiri. God will judge our Judiciary and its officer for introducing sentiments into this while some of our brothers are dying in prisons just for urinating in the public. God will judge all una double standards. When he sacked and compulsorily retired many judges, it was all good and fine but he himself is now above the same law he swore to uphold. We want a better Nigeria and yet we continue to speak with two mouths. Our judiciary is our greatest problem in this country. When it favours them, they will quickly make reference with advanced democracies and right now nobody has been able to tell us any country whereby the chief justice is above the law.


Erudite Jurist Akinola Aguda, of blessed memory, said in 1978 ,when handling a case in which a lawyer was found guilty:

“Because you are a lawyer, who is supposed to know better, I will give you the maximum punishment’, prescribed under this act.
“I want lawyers, and judges to know that if politicians can fail the society, military can fail the society, lawyers cannot afford to fail the society or else we are all doomed. We should not drag sentiment into law. No matter the people’s nomenclature, tribe, religion, we should be guided by the law”

Our number one jurist in 2019 remembered to declare his Naira account but said he forgot to declare his fx account.

Wetin I sabi? Lawyers said that the law says the case must go to NJC first where the accused is the head and NBA chairman who is also standing a corruption trial is a member.

Barr. Obinna Don Chiezie don’t forget to teach me more.

Let me go and sleep before I forget.

Thank you.


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