Expert gives recipe on securing vital document during disaster


By Abiola Ayankunbi


Lagos-based corporate marketing guru and General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Publishers Express Limited, Mr. Gbenga Onasanya, has urged Nigerians to cultivate the habit of keeping vital documents in a safe facility in order to prevent loss to fire or theft.

He said that such a habit will help in protecting sensitive documents and materials that could be useful for future reference.

Onasanya further added that there is a need for massive enlightenment in ensuring that Nigerians get along with what is going on in the global milieu.

Onasanya, however, blamed the Federal Government for the systemic failures in securing the country, insisting that Nigeria remains backwards because people don’t keep records.

He expressed disappointment at the unprecedented rate by which Nigerian companies contend with cases of fraud, theft, fire and an increasing spate of insecurity.

The marketing guru maintained further that Nigerians can easily address the security deficit in the various organizations by adopting global safety methods designed to forestall losing vital documents.

He spoke about the new safety gadget named Fredfranklin Mobile/shelf archives safety facility, saying the product is good for keeping important documents, like books, sensitive bank and legal documents among others.

Onasanya noted also that cases of theft and fire incidences could be checked by the use of such a facility.

“The Shelf is the multipurpose-safety facility. It is mobile and can be controlled both manually and electronically. It rests on a rail floor and it is electrically operated. It is a new technology among the group of shelves.

According to him, the safety facility will enhance proper accountability and also help to overcome the challenges.

“It is only the holder of the key to the shelf that can have access to it and the product is available in the country. We have our technical team ever ready for the installation any time any day”, he said.

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