Insecurity in Nigeria: A national crisis and resolution


Onyekwere Akym Uche
OAU 2023

Security is a quintessential and integral factor of a government. It provides for protection which exhorts for peace, which impetrates for tranquility, which adjures for progress, which supplicates for stability and provides for wealth and development, it’s all a chain reaction.
The current situation in Nigeria has shown the lapses on security that has led to the under development of the nation. Abia State being a focus of interest to me also suffers in grappling with necessary measures to curb this anti-developmental factor. In my previous article on security published in January 2021 (Abia State, A Time to Re-think our Security) I made emphasis on the need for community policing alongside state laws to give the security outlets legal backing to work within their scope of engagement. We made the issue of security as top priority on our campaign promise to Abians, we’ve engaged and still engaging with relevant stakeholders and security operatives on the way forward and one of the most significant pointers raised is to ensure good governance across border. To provide adequate security is for the government understanding its responsibility to the people by being fair and just in its administration.
In an article I read most recently, the minister for Information in Nigeria stated the issue of Kidnapping and Banditry is not a Federal offence rather a State offence, I beg to differ. Both offences are criminal and against the law. Such an offender can be tried in a Federal High Court and a State High Court. If such an offender is found guilty, he can serve his term exclusively and/or concurrently as the court pleases. The President is the Chief Security Officer of the country, whereas The Governor is the Chief Security Officer of the State. Both offices are responsible for the security of its citizens, so for a minister to opine his views on separation of duties between the Federal Government and the State Government corroborates the significant advice from the security agencies that good governance will go a long way to resolve Nigeria insecurity.
We’ve also proposed internal security network within the state and a regional network amongst our neighbors. The Internal security will comprise of indigenes from the community who will serve as community Police. We would propose a bill to the State legislature to enact laws to give them legal authority and provide funds to operate. They will also work in conjunction with the National Police and share intelligence. The regional network will comprise of neighboring states within the region, they will work together and share intelligence. An example is INTERPOL, an international organization that facilitates worldwide police cooperation and crime control. Headquartered in Lyon France. I strongly believe with this project put in place it will help to mitigate the insecurity that exist in the country.
As the saying goes an idle mind is the devil’s workshop yet I ask, the culprits perpetrating these crimes are their minds idle? I know it takes a lot of planning and plotting to execute their heinous activity. Where there is a breach in security the bandits take advantage because the system is vulnerable. So long as the bandits are aware they will meet Hi-tech, capable and efficient security operatives that will give them a sense to rethink invading any community within the state.
International organizations and foreign companies are moving their base to neighboring country Ghana due to the insecurity and instability in Nigeria. Insecurity has become a national crisis that has affected our GDP. Foreign nations are scared to do business with us because we’ve become complacent in their view. The American authority issued a warning to its citizens to avoid going to Nigeria as a result of our security crisis. We need to tackle this issue head on if we want to accomplish our set goal because a society that is not stable cannot bring about Democracy Dividends. There’s been calls to declare a nationwide state of emergency. Also, some quarters are proposing dismantling the 36 state structure and for the military to supervise a new world order. I am not an advocate for military rule and I still believe in Civilian rule. I know we all have a role to play to ensure the interest of Nigeria is at our best interest as the interest of Abia State is dear to Abians.
We shall keep the faith and the faith shall guide us.

O.A.U 2023,
The New Abia.

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