Covid-19: In Brazil, 3 die every two minutes




There’s no more burial ground for the dead in Brazil, says health authorities. Bodies are now buried on the streets as the Latin American nation records three deaths from Covid-19 every two minutes.

NewsmakersNG learnt that Brazil is on the verge of a general health collapse. The country has hit the mark of over 4000 daily deaths from Covid-19.

In the daily balance sheet of the Ministry of Health released on Tuesday and Wednesday, health authorities confirmed that three Brazilians admitted for COVID infection die in every 2 minutes. The nation buries 4,195 deaths due to the disease under 24 hours.

The Ministry of Health’s dissemination on the Epidemiological situation report of Covid-19 in Brazil, on April 6, says:

As a result, the number of victims who could not resist the new coronavirus pandemic rose to 336,947. There are still 3,598 deaths under investigation by teams. This is because there are cases in which the diagnosis of the cause only comes out after the patient’s death.

The number of new cases confirmed in 24 hours was 86,979. The country has reached 13,100,580 people infected since the beginning of the pandemic.

The number of people who recovered rose to 11,558,774. The number of patients with active cases being monitored by health teams was 1,204,849.

The data is generally smaller on Sundays and Mondays due to the smaller number of workers to record new cases and deaths. On Tuesdays, they tend to be larger, since on this day the balance sheet receives the accumulation of unprocessed information over the weekend.

However, the ranking of states with the most deaths by Covid-19 is led by São Paulo (78,554), Rio de Janeiro (38,040), Minas Gerais (25,795), Rio Grande do Sul (21,018) and Paraná (17,685). The Federation Units with the least deaths are Acre (1,306), Amapá (1,346), Roraima (1,362), Tocantins (2,133) and Sergipe (3,642).

According to the Health Minister, about 43.3 million doses of vaccines had been distributed. Of this total, 22.4 million doses were applied, being 17.4 million from the 1st dose and 4.9 million from the 2nd dose.

According to the funeral department of the health ministry, there are no more burial grounds to bury the victims, the nation has adopted a mass burial with the corpses buried in every available cemetery in the streets of Brazil.

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