PMAN that could not account for WAPIC Insurance fund – Don Alexis

He who must come to equity, must come with clean hands, so they say; and that is exactly the situation the Performing Musicians Employers’ Association of Nigeria (PMAN), has found itself.
The current PMAN President, Mr. Pretty Okafor who of recent has derived pleasure, at any given opportunity,  in telling the world that Copyright Society of  Nigeria (COSON), led by Chief Tony
Okoroji is a cesspool of corruption has been reminded that his PMAN is merely calling kettle black.
Mr. Don Alexis in his contribution to
a post Mr. Okafor made on his timeline on Facebook about the recent agreement PMAN signed with Musical Copyright Society of Nigeria (MCSN) said that PMAN could not account for the money it collected from it’s members as insurance cover with West African Prudential Insurance Company (WAPIC), is calling another organisation corrupt..
Hear him. “PMAN that could not account for money I paid for insurance at WAPIC, I still have the receipt to that, it was one nice guy at PMAN office that secretly told me that I should stop wasting my money, that he doesn’t think the insurance is effective, I’m still looking for a very good time to drag PMAN and WAPIC to court.”


However, when newdawnngr reached Mr. Okafor via Whatapps to react to the allegation, this is what he had to say.
“I heard about this PMAN WAPIC insurance when Charly Boy was the PMAN President.The new PMAN Excos don’t know about it, We never saw any record of the registrantions ,so we can not comment on it.
But he can register with PMAN biometric  ID card that has all that cover and more and the biometric card is 5,000 not the 25,000 they paid for the WAPIC insurance that year.Since we came in till date we have accounts of all what we have done .so maybe he should approach Charly Boy and his Excos to explain what happened to WAPIC insurance then.Thank you.”But when reminded that we know that it was not in his time that PMAN entered into the deal but as the current president the bulk stops on his table. He said “If we see the receipt of the people that registered then ,we will take it and re-issue them the courrent PMAN biometric card. Let him show there reciept, we give him another ID. He might have lost it.because it’s long ago. That is like over twenty years, ” a tacit admittance that money exchanged hands but not accounted for.
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