Visit Rosellas, see work of God


Charles Okogene

Swimming pool for kids

As the saying goes that seeing is believing, we have gone to the Hall 5 new base of Rosellas Amusement Park and Events Centre right inside the vastly improved Lagos International Trade Fare Complex (LITFC) and we are satisfied with what we saw of the amusement centre.
Away from its old, smelly, reptiles infested base at LASU/Igando Road, Rossellas in the words of its owner, Prince Abraham Oluwatoyin Ololade, is set to do business in LITFC.

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Expect for the minor renovation and refurbishment here and there in the hall and the clearing of weeds as a result of years of neglect, the place is getting back to life and gradually becoming a venue to launch out in the business of leisure.

In the words of Prince Ololade it was God that led him to the current venue after he had engaged successive governors of Lagos State to save him from the hardship the location of a refuse dumpsite  near Rosellas on LASU/Igando Road had caused him.
According to him, he had tsearched all the nooks and crannies of Lagos and Ogun states with a surveyor looking for vacant parcel of land belonging to the states to rent, lease or acquire out rightly to no avail until God directed him to LITFC and used the Executive Director, Chief (Mrs.) Lucy Omosefe Ajayi, to bless him with the space.

“I had gone everywhere in Lagos and Ogun states looking for land to relocate Rosellas to but to no success. In the process, I had met all the governors of the state, from Tinubu to Ambode but they did nothing until God directed me here; and when I got here, I formally met Mrs. Ajayi. she gave me this place without asking for anything except what I was supposed to pay to government. She told me when I offered to give her something, that all she wanted is to see  the name of Rosellas higher and for me to remember her and her children in my prayers. She is an angel of God and I wish her well,” Prince Ololade said while conducting us round the expansive space.

According to him, when the work of renovation is done, he expects corporate Nigerians like Dufil, makers of Indomie and Nestle Fòod to revive their partnership with Rosellas in which thousands of kids were hosted in the fun centre especially now that the new Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde Sanwo-Olu has promised to complete the Lagos/Badagry Expressway and the rehabilitation of the internal road into the trade fair complex. And now that they have conquered the offence odour from the refuse dumpsite that scared them away,

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