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Customers knock First Bank’s inefficient ATM


Months after  Mr. Sheddy Ozone sounded the alarm bell on how First Bank Nigeria Plc’s ATM debited him without dispersing the money and his repeated attempt to get the bank to reverse the amount in question to no avail, another user of the machine, is said to have fallen into the same trap.
Like Ozone,  a former aide to former Governor of Delta State, Chief James Ibori, the fellow in question this time round, has also made several report to the bank to get the traped money refunded.

According to the experience with the oldest bank in Nigeria posted by Mr.Gbenga Dan Asabe, a popular bogger, in his timeline, which read “First Bank is big and … It is the only bank where you transfer money to another bank and the money seized in transit,” that was all that was needed to elicit the reactions of Nigerians sharing ugly experiences about the bank that was once known as the Standard Bank of Nigeria.
Here are some of their damning comments about the bank that is still smarting from the negative reports of the manhandling of its customer in its Lekki, Lagos State branch banking hall by policemen posted to the branch.

It’s crazy
The bank is old and tired.
And we must retire it by closing off our accounts with such a fraudulent behemoth
Taye Olaoye Adewara JP A fraudulent Bank, indeed!
 Olufemi Phemi Johnson Haba!

Gbenga Dan Asabe Olufemi Phemi Johnson Are you sir Shina Peters? Why ‘Habas?’
Olufemi Phemi Johnson Gbenga Dan Asabe You wan destroy “awa” bank?Shares go come down to oo.Owo wogbo niyen.
Danny Bay First Bank na 419 bank… especially their first Bank insurance… scammers people!
Danny Bay Gbenga Dan Asabe my Best friends that works with EFCC and NDIC said 3 major 419 banks are First bank, Union Bank and UBA…I should very careful with their bank transactions… Unnecessary deductions, slow network and poor ban

Johnson Andrew Oneteh Felicia
I thought the problem is me. Apparently other people are having the same issues

king service…

Ekun Oko Abeni I disagree.
Olufunke Omoyele Adejumobi Everybody cannot be wrong

Taye Olaoye Adewara JP 1st in scamming and frauds.

Folusho Adeyeye It has happened to me before and that was why I don’t use it again

Adesola Adekunmi Bello Nawa ooo! One mans food could be poison for an other. I was still telling my wife yesterday that FBN has the best money transfer facility? That is thGbenga Dan Asabe Kelechi Deca hahahahahaha..e way I see it Gbenga Dan Asabe of Africa.
Nkem Olisa Adesola Adekunmi Bello , it has been sweet to me too.
desola Adekunmi Bello Nkem Olisa thank you sir for this confirmation.
Kelechi Deca You send recharge card they debit you but the receiver won’t get it.
Nkem Olisa Lol, if it is mobile transfer, then the bank is not at fault . They have a contracted company that controls that. But First bank has always returned my failed transactions.
Adesola Adekunmi Bello Nkem Olisa without visiting their office, they returned my failed transfer.
ide Omidiran And they deduct your money arbitrarily.
Jide Omidiran Maybe they charge fir receiving money too. The other day, I transfered from another account, yet the balance didn’t tally.
Olanrewaju Olakunle And intra bank transfer………dem go comot money…….
Olanrewaju Olakunle Gbenga Dan Asabe Assin…….any transfer to another FBN account………
Banji A Banji GTB is the worst.
Adesola Adekunmi Bello Banji A Banji , Gbenga Dan Asabe said Fbn is the worst and you are saying GTB is? This depend on the rate at which you enjoy their services. I have enjoyed the two banks but I have preference for FBN.
Banji A Banji Adesola Adekunmi Bello I use Gtb and Union bank. Trust me,Union Bank is super!!!!!
Adesola Adekunmi Bello This has to do with your perception of any bank and your personal encounter wit
h them
Banji A Banji Adesola Adekunmi Bello Perception bawo…. Am a customer to both bank and the service gotten from th


em stand as my measure. Empirical data can’t be called perception.

Adesola Adekunmi Bello Banji my own bloda, hear me wella, I have an account with GT, Fbn and ubn as well. Transfer services with gt and fbn is alwar good for me though, I enjoy fbn better than the 3mentioned. To me transfer service of UBN is the worst . I have stopped using it. I only use gt & Fbn. Oya judge my case?
Toluene JP Not true,, truly d first,, might be network issues
Ike Amaefula But, that bank is part of the civil service nah!
Johnson Andrew Uche Diala Looks like I am not the only one experiencing this glitch


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