The right mindset can save lives.


In discussing leadership qualities with managers, we are often challenged with several concepts. |Some of them are purpose, vision and mindset. We find that these three concepts merge into one and give the person who desires leadership qualities a compelling idea of what can be done to improve circumstances and situations. In order to simplify this piece, it’s good for us to reduce all these concepts down to one: Mindset! What is your mind set on? There are stories of conquests that man relates to on a deeper frame which inspire us to strive to achieve one good objective or the other.
A couple of years ago, a young man begun to suffer from some kind of drug inflicted mind disorder in the middle of the night. He was visiting a friend and took a whiff of cocaine during the outing. The outcome was devastating He turned on his friends parents and siblings and started beating them up. It got out of hand and the young man set fire to a bunch of old newspapers in the kitchen. Now, the family lived in a three bedroom flat, an apartment which was part of four flats within the same complex. So, as smoke begun to billow from their kitchen window, his friend’s mother and sisters huddled in one section of the house, too afraid to come out, not knowing what fate waited for them at the hands of the young man under the influence of drugs.
Neighbors rallied outside. Confusion rent the air. Whispers about the young man’s illness prevented anyone from intervening until a bright young journalist suggested that they at least seek to set the family free. The unpredictability of the barmy arsonist kept everyone at bay. Except the journalist who bravely marched up the stairs of the flat gained access and a few minutes later led the family out of the smoky apartment to the fresh air of the outside where a multitude of neighbors had gathered in grave concern of what might happen to the family. They had emerged shaken, but safe from this fracas. Having whisked the family to safety, the journalist spoke about saving the young man from himself. He asked that a couple of neighbors accompany him so that they could find the young man over power him and perhaps tie him up till the police arrive. Nobody responded. An elderly man suggested that we let the vigilantes who were night guards in the place handle it. The following day, the news filtered around the community that the night guards had shot the young man in the leg in a bid to restrain him. He later died from injuries he sustained from a car that hit him on the highway while he was trying to escape. The journalist that had intervened felt devastated; He had a mindset of resolving all the issues his neighbors faced that day. Alas, he had failed. The young man died!

The right mindset can save lives! Think about it. Every time you focus your mind on a project, an action, a process or activity. Whatever it is, lives could be at stake. You had better set you mind on the most altruistic motives because if you do not, your conscience will make a house call and even if it’s for a brief moment, your head would be bowed in regret. Do you have the right mindset?
Politicians and businessmen can be the most selfish people on earth. Sometimes political capital and profit in the businesses can take prominence over human lives. They take major decisions putting their own interest first. If a decision would affect a community, country, or family negatively, the individual concerned should be able to put his own desires and considerations second and focus on the goodwill of the larger entity.
Mindset is such as powerful concept. If the will of one human being is strong enough, he can attain almost anything he puts his mind to, as long as the conditions for success are right. Sometimes even when the conditions are wrong, man can turn the detrimental features of his environment to his advantage.
The most successful singers and song writers are known to have gone through devastating experiences in life that they capture in a song. “The weeping tone in a sad song sang properly is money”, according to Lionel Riche, grammy award winning artiste and song writer who recently turned 70 years old.
Whatever your mind is set on this season should be tested from the perspective of ethics and morality. Ask yourself certain questions: How would the world feel if what I am planning is known? Who will benefit from it and how will it affect people around me? If it’s printed in the newspapers how would those who read it feel about it? Can I sleep at night? The mindset is such a powerful concept that once you make up your mind to accomplish a task, it’s very difficult to stop you. If your mind is made up, a plan will emerge. Do make sure that your motives are right and your plan does not hurt people.
In an old story from the book of Moses, a large number of people gathered together with their mindset on building a tower that would reach all the up to heaven. God saw their plan and made them speak different languages so that it would be frustrated. This story tells us that when a large number of people come together and share one mindset to implement a plan, they could almost be unstoppable. Do some self searching if you have read this: What are your minds set on in your family, community, company, organization or country? Is it good for all concerned? If it is go ahead. I am sure you will achieve it!

Alex Ogundadegbe

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