Couple roasted in Ijegun pipeline explosion

Residents flee for safety, as couple burnt to death By Prince Okafor Residents of Isheri area of Ijegun woke up with the sound of heavy explosion and heavy fires in the early hours of Thursday.
This incident which started around 0525hrs, at fire junction bus stop, left vehicles and homes burnt. A couple was seen burnt to death. The couples may be out for the business of  day according to eye witness coming out SS Joan & Anne Catholic Church.
One resident claimed that the fire started with a truck that came to siphon gasoline from the pipeline after others have left with their loot. This truck fell down and by this time, pipeline was still open. This led to an uncontrollable fire. Residents of the area scampered for safety away from the fire area. Many calls made to fire service were not responded to. One fire truck eventually came after 2hrs of the incident but could not contain the fire. Hours later, more fire vehicles arrives but seem overwhelmed by the fire. Residents claim that this trucks come almost every night to siphon fuel and in some cases, they were confronted and stopped by the scrap collectors in the area who stay awake almost 24hours until they were moved. Some residents said that the clearing of these scrap collectors was a way to allow these criminals to resume this activities rather than to condorn pipeline area.
More details to come


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