Yoruba group alerts on herdsmen bringing military weapons to Ogun State



Apapapo Odua Koya,a Yoruba self determination group has raised an alarm over the importation of Light military weapons into Yewa area of Ogun state.
The group said the weapons are being brought armed Fulani herdsmen, citing local intelligence has said.

The group said the weapons were being brought in large numbers from Sokoto into the Yewa area of Ogun State it said in a press release signed by it’s spokesman,Colonel Abimbola Sowunmi.

“Today, with all sense of responsibility, we alert the Yoruba Nation, the local and international communities to the importation of light military weapons to the Yewa area of Ogun State by Fulani men.

This began two weeks ago but has been intensified after some 5000 Yoruba people including women and children were forced to flee their ancestral Yewa homes following armed attacks on their territories” APAPO OODUA KOYA, (AOKOYA) said in a release signed by Col Abimbola Sowunmi (rtd).

The group said as far back as 2018, AOKOYA had written letters to the Ogun State Government about the movement and stockpiling of arms by the Fulani but that nothing was done to even acknowledge the letter. It said with the vacation of the land by Yoruba people, the armed FULANI now have full control over the vast land with authority to use the place as a fortified terrorist camp.

AOKOYA said 5000 Yoruba have already fled to Benin Republic with three of the women given birth on Sunday in the Internally Displaced Persons,(IDP) camps.

The group said “They are bringing into Yewa SMGs, RPSs, infantry weapons, surface-to-surface missiles, hundreds of rifles and AK47. We are aware of these developments using multiple intelligence sources including mapping, monitoring of signals and communitications of the armed Fulani men”AOKOYA said

The group said the Governor of Ogun State Dapo Abiodun and his Oyo State counterpart, Seyi Makinde are traitors who will pay heavy price for working to ensure that millions of Yoruba people perish adding that the blood of Yoruba people who have died and are destined to die will hunt Abiodun and Makinde from generation to generation.

‘In Ogun and Oyo States, we have state Governors that completely lack any sense of history. For the sake of the perks of office, they deny truth, twist facts and are pushing generations of Yoruba into the gas Chambers. History is taking note of these heinous crimes and the perpetrators will pay a heavy price at the fullness of time.”

AOKOYA said while Makinde is working with security operatives to sweep under the carpet the known facts that armed FULANI killed Dr Aborode, Abiodun is so desperate to retain power that he is ready to govern over ghosts and a graveyard in Ogun State.

AOKOYA said Makinde lied when he rushed to conclusion that FULANI did not kill Aborode based on his false and unitelligent analysis that the killers spoke Yoruba as if he was there when the killing took place or as if there are no killer herdsmen who speak Yoruba.

“The politics of appeasing FULANI by setting up Yoruba people and giving them as preys to lions, will leave you and your generations in trauma sooner than expected” the group said.

AOKOYA said “We call on Yoruba people to prepare to defend the homeland This becomes even more imperative as the Nigerian State now openly fund terrorists in billions by paying random to kidnappers and terrorists who in turn use the money to buy more arms.”

AOKOYA,a coalition of several Pan Yoruba groups said “The ethnic centred regime has paid billions of naira to terrorists and kidnappers. They in turn use the funds to buy more arms. The FG does not arrest them after each payment. These are the weapons being brought into the South West with the hope to conquer, subdue the people and take over the Yoruba resources by force of arms.”

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