Oyo: Amotekun clampdown on bandits


Seizes sacks of dangerous weapons and amulets
Efforts of the Oyo state security Corps otherwise known as Amotekun to rid the state of criminals and bandits paid of Tuesday as catches of ammunitions and amulets in eight sacks were seized from the bandits across various forests in the state.

The state Chairman of Amotekun Corps, Gen. Kunle Togun (retd.), made the disclosure on Tuesday, before newsmen saying that the success made by the Corps was aided by the collaboration with the local hunters under the aegis of Hunters Association of Nigeria.

The hunters, according to Togun, helped in making the forest operations a success. He stressed that the team were able to disarm the foreign bandits, who were armed with guns, poisoned arrows, poisoned cutlass, knives and dangerous amulets, charms in the forests which filled eight sacks.

The Amotekun chief expressed confidence that the outfit had made remarkable success in ridding the forests of bandits and kidnappers in the recent raids conducted within the axes that were hitherto notorious for banditry and kidnapping.

He said, “We have made success of arresting these bandits and disarming them through the support that we got from the Oyo State chapter of the Hunter’s Association of Nigeria.

“The hunters know the terrain and have the spiritual power to disarm these foreign bandits. That was why we sought their collaboration. As I am talking to you, we have a seizure of about eight sacks filled with poisoned cutlasses, arrows, daggers and charms, which were to be used for the dangerous operations.

“We will not relent in our efforts in flushing out these criminal-minded foreigners. If they cannot peacefully contribute to the development of Nigeria’s economy, they have the liberty to relocate to their countries or any other country that allows their recklessness.

The retired army general had recently expressed the readiness of the Corps in tackling the growing problem of insecurity in the state through the instrumentality of Amotekun.

Assuring the residents of the state of the Corps determination to deliver on its mandate of provision of complementary security services, he said, “When the Governor appointed me as the Chairman of the Oyo State Security Network Agency, he told me that he wants farmers in Oyo State to go to their farms, plant their seeds, return home and rest assured that nobody is going to graze on their farmlands.

“He wants traders in Oyo State to carry out their trading and take the proceeds to the bank with the assurance that nobody would waylay them on the way. He said he wants security stability in Oyo State so that foreign investors can come and invest in the state. In fact, he said he wants residents in Oyo State to sleep with their two eyes closed. That is what we are out to achieve.”

He, however, solicited the continued support of the residents of the state in crime fighting stressing that security matter should be everybody’s business as no security agency can succeed in curbing crime and criminality without the support of the people.

“The percentage of policemen per population is very low. Police in the United Kingdom, United States of America and other countries of the world are efficient because the civil populace give them information. That is why it is said that security is everybody’s business.”

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