COVID-19: Future Female Initiative to examine impact on women business


An international organisation, the Future Female Initiative(FFI) has concluded plans for a World Class Virtual training aimed at examining the impact of Coronavirus on women business.
The Chief Executive Officer of FFI,Ms Aysha Julie is to give the introductory remark with other speakers from United Nations Resident coordinator in Mauritius and speakers from Seychelles.
The theme of the conference is What is ready to thrive.
Find Full Details of the Virtual Training below :
Introduction by Ms Aysha Julie, ​CEO and Founder of FFI
Speaker Ms Nousrath Bhugeeloo, ​Advisor to FFI
Speaker H. E Christine .N. Umutoni, ​UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Representative Mauritius and Seychelles Speaker Dr. Audrey Verhaeghe ​from South African Innovation Summit
Speaker ​Dr.Nadia El. Shaffei, ​HR Consultant & Local Partner–Middle East
What is Ready to Thrive and why was it created?
The Ready to Thrive platform was created to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on women in business. Women are usually the hardest hit when we go through an economic crisis. With their cash flows affected, businesses forced to close due to lockdowns and the uncertainty around digitalization, FFI decided to launch a one stop shop where women can benefit from the following:

World Class Virtual Training – that they can access in their own time
Easy to Access Useful Resources (iii) Mentor matching for Business success.
Market Opportunities
Talent Marketplace
Aysha Julie, CEO, Future Females Invest

What has been your motivation to start Future Females Invest?
FFI has been founded to bridge the investment gap between male founded businesses and female founded businesses. Globally, this figure roughly amounts to USD 42 Billion.
Future Females Invest is driving women economic empowerment solutions and systems change interventions for the entire entrepreneurial and investment ecosystems.
We put power into the hands of African women. We ensure that the voices of African Women in business are heard and are given economic power.
We do this by providing consultancy, training, ecosystem support and access to investment and market opportunities.
FFI is the delivery partner for gender lens investment in Africa.

The merger with WOWe
In 2019, Ms. Torera Abiola, the founder of Women of West Africa Entrepreneurship and Aysha Julie, the CEO of Future Females Invest, merged forces to better serve women of Africa through their joint networks and sectors of impact.

FFI’s Impact on Women
Since 2013 we have impacted 8,471 women from 46 African countries. In the last year, women who have taken part in a Future Females Invest programmes have:
82% expanded their network
72% experienced, useful training
78% improved their business strategy
68% increased their annual revenue
57% accessed finance
43% hired new employees

FFI’s contribution to sustainable development (SDGs) We contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals:
Quality Education, Gender Equality, Economic Growth, Industry and Innovation, Reduced inequality, Partnerships to achieve goals

Nousrath Bhugeloo, Corporate Governance Expert, Future Females Invest Advisor

Why is Mauritius suitable for impactful investments in Africa?
Mauritius is one of the leading countries when it comes to the ease of doing business. With reduced red tape, string regulatory frameworks, good governance structures, and favorable taxation treaties, Mauritius has been the target destination for companies, funds, and investment structures to be implanted. The country also boasts favorable legislation that allows countries to do business in and out of the country fairly seamlessly.
It has been observed by Fortune 500 that companies which had at least 3 women board directors for at least 5 years outperformed those with 0 women by 84% in sales.”
“Future females invest equips female founders with the skills to improve their governance in order to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and invest a little of their companies. Through Ready to Thrive female founders will be able to access information on proper corporate structures for good governance. Good governance is at the heart of any successful business, it is not only important for mature companies but for all companies at different stages of growth, and it is important to get it right from the start. Future Females invest is committed to powering women in business through the best support structures.”

How Ready to Thrive answers frequently asked questions about setting up a company? With Nousrath’s extensive experience in advising global business clients on investment and trade structuring strategies for Asian and African emerging markets in order to enhance their enterprise and shareholder value, we have derived all the useful information entrepreneurs may need to do business in and from Mauritius.

Her Excellency H.E Christine .N. Umutoni, UN Resident Coordinator for Mauritius and Seychelles

Her Excellency Mrs Christine Umutoni spoke about the importance of empowering women and advocating for them to be leaders.
“The existence of institutions like Future Females Invest and initiatives like Ready to Thrive is a matter of economic sense, half of the population of the worlds women, and influencing 85% we have to be involved in the economics of the world! Future females invest enables women to set up their own businesses and create solutions, products and services that meet the needs of women and solve the pressing problems of society and the planet
Future Females Invest is a necessity to economically empower women and improve the economy. Women who are supported will support other women into success!”
Dr. Audrey Verhaeghe, Chairperson of the South African Innovation Summit

“We partnered with Future Females Invest because we believe there exists a huge need for a virtual accelerator program that is designed by women for women. Together we are tackling the investment gap between male and female led enterprises. Ready to Thrive will provide high quality world class virtual training.
“FFI is important in improving access to finance for female founders and enabling more women to become allocators of capital”
Dr. Nadia El Shaffei, HR Consultant & Local Partner–Middle East, Gender Advocate

We support FFI and the Ready to Thrive initiative because we need to empower women in leadership, in boardrooms and in entrepreneurship. The most important way to empower women in those positions is through mentoring and coaching programs like the ones FFI provides”

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