Frustrated people stone Sultan’s house over postponement of Eid-el- Fitr to Sunday



Today an angry mob stormed the home of the Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar II.

Children and adults expressed their deep sadness over the willingness of the Sultan of Sokoto not to hold the Eid prayer on Saturday until Sunday.

Sultan of Sokoto

People stormed his house in Sokoto town and threw stones at his house in protest of his decision.

The Sultan of Sokoto, Abu Abubakar II issued a statement yesterday stating that the moon has not been seen, and that Sunday Eid Prayer will be held.

But on the one hand, many have ignored the sultan’s offer to take the matter personally.

Many Nigerians have accused the Sultan of Sokoto that if moon is not sighted in Saudi Arabia, he will also say the eid prayer will held on Sunday.

Many teachers have held a eid prayer today as they already received a reports of seeing the moon in different states.

Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi was one of the Prominent teachers who lead the Eid Prayer today.

He also instructed the followers of the Tijjaniyya to break the fast and hold the eid prayer today.

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