Let’s avert another civil war, Akintoye counsels


Yoruba leader and Professor of History, Prof Banji Akintoye on Tuesday warned that Nigeria may be on the verge of another civil war with the way some minority ethnic group are pushing to subjugate other majority groups.

Prof Akintoye said that the way the President Muhammadu Buhari administration is governing the country is similar to the the way the country was governed before the civil war that ended 50 years ago.

The Ado-Ekiti born eminent professor spoke in Lagos at a conference tagged “Never Again” to commemorate the end of Nigerian civil war 50 years ago. It is also tagged: Nigerian Civil War, 50 years after.

“The government of our country is been managed in ways that make it look like an exclusive preserve of a particular minority. There seems to be an agenda been pursued to establish this minority in positions of command in the Executive, Administrative, Judiciary, and Security Services of the country”

Prof Akintoye said that the situation is similar to what happened in months before the civil war. “As a citizen who was already a young University teacher in the time of our civil war, I have good reasons to fear today that the character of the affairs of our country these days, and the prevailing mood among us Nigerians, are chillingly similar to the character of the state of affairs of our country in months leading to our civil war”, he said.

The Professor of History said that the state of the laws of the country is being subsumed to the needs of the ethnic agenda, with seriously damaging effects on human rights. He accused the ethnic minority of not only invading other peoples land in the Middle Belt and Southern part of the country, but also inviting their patriots outside Nigeria to come and possess other peoples ancestral land.

He stated that the agenda also included recruiting IS, that has been defeated in the Middle East, and which has now arrived Nigeria with the name ISWAP, to invade other ethnic peoples land.

In the midst of all these, he accused the Buhari administration “seems purposed  not to defend the threatened peoples of Nigeria, but to aid processes of the conquest”.

He warned that the country is moving dangerously towards a horrific war that must be stopped. “In the spirit of today, in spirit of Never Again plunging our country into civil war, we can, and we must terminate all this descent towards horrific war; we can and we must speedily move our country to a state of law, the state of mutual respect among our hundreds of nations, and the state of order and peace in our country”, he concluded.

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