25 secondary school students suspended for belonging to ‘female marlian’ cult group in Delta

About 25 students in a secondary school in Delta state have been suspended for belonging to a “Female Marlians’ secret cult”, one of the teachers of the secondary school which the name wasn’t revealed disclosed.
According to the teacher, she discovered 5 of her students don’t wear pants to school on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.
The teacher said, after proper investigation, it was revealed and affirmed by other students that there was a group of girls who have tagged themselves “Marlians’ Females”.
Further insight into the issue disclosed about 20 other girls who belong to the cult. One of the SS1 girls revealed that they were initiated by SS3 students.
The principal of the school expressed his dissatisfaction over the issue claiming that the students have not only been through academic teachings alone, but also teachings to build their morals and character.
The school immediately banned the use of smart phones in school premises. Also, the students were suspended immediately and their parents have been summoned.
The school promised to fish out all other members of the cult.
The spokesman of the school also said there will be a P.T.A meeting to enlighten parents on the need closely monitor their wards as most of these indecent behaviors would have been picked post school hours.

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