This secret will help you instantly tell between single and married woman


Women are some of the most mysterious creatures on this planet.

They can be so complicated at times that they make you want to take a shotgun and blow your brains out!

Indeed, understanding the female psyche can be quite complex.

Do you sometimes find yourself approaching women, only to get shut down because they are married?

If that’s the case, then this small secret will help you overcome this problem. Here’s how to identify between a single and married woman instantly!

It all lies with the cleavage:

If her cleavage is all the way down to the last button leaving you salivating insatiably, then chances are high that she is single and is looking to mingle!

If her cleavage comes up short to not reveal some of the more desirable parts of her bosom, then she is in a relationship or is married.

If her cleavage doesn’t leave any skin to chance, then she is happily married and you shouldn’t even bother having a go.

Why don’t you give the exercise a try and see for yourself?

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